Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mika,Papa's hands and feet

keep drawing, drawing and drawing. I need to get used to draw these characters. the next step should be the final design. here's the detail of each character's hand and feet(will need to be simplified more after)

Friday, March 28, 2014

cinematic moments

I keep telling myself do not dig-in the characters design too much at the first place. Has to look at the project as a big picture, taking care everything equally first, and then back to the character more. Here's some cinematic moments I did(not following the storyline)

character explorations: Ocelot and piranha

Ocelot! is pretty much like an indoor cat. it's size isn't as big as people thought.
I'm so glad my cat can finally do some help for me. I took pictures and do a lot of sketches. also, get back to the fundamental, study the anatomy again.

then I play the shape and adding the design


I nail down the design quicker than I thought.

thanks to EA, I had experience designing fish. so I get this guy's design down pretty quick too.

Plant design

what kind of plants living in amazon rainforest? hundreds of them! I want to choose more interesting looking plants for my project. so I picked some and do it with my design approach.

character explorations: Mika and Papa

Mika: it takes time to get used to drawing kids. I look at photos, videos, and do sketch based on the reference. I want to make her looks adorable and moves like a kid living in wildlife.

Papa: Since he is a fisherman, I want his hands and feet with square-ish shape, but rounded body overall to show his harmonious character. 

My Piranha project working progress

Finally get some times to update my personal project that i'm working on recently. the story is set in 1947, it's a short story about two Indian(Tapirape) living in amazon rainforest.

a 4 years old kid Mika is a lovely girl with pure heart, love taking care of animal. Papa: 30 years old, fisherman, would give everything to protect his daughter. One day, Papa and Mika go fishing together just like what they do every morning. Mika coincidentally find a fish on the boat and she takes him home without telling her father. What she doesn't know is, this fish is a piranha.

An ocelot: Gulu who is full of curiosity, and he likes staying around Mika's family. For Mika's safety, Papa is always being vigilant, so he doesn't want any animal get close to Mika. Gulu is trying to warn Mika how danger the fish is, and want to own Papa's trust.

Alright, enough with my bad English. I want to dig in to another project like I did for "the Legend of the White Snake". I enjoy designing characters, set, cinematic moments for a story. So I'm excited I finally have this chance to develop another animation project. The project is still in early stage, I'm doing a lot of studies and sketches: