Thursday, April 17, 2014

story moments

Back to work on the story moments. This time I arrange these in order.

another test of styling

here is another one I did recently. I want to see how it looks with 2d character rendering in watercolor-ish background. It's fun to do the characters this way, first I've never done it before, second, it reminds me again how much I love the approach of 2d animation. I just love the way it looks! Because of the style, it always took me extra hrs. to polish the background(even this one is not 100% done). I'll have a fulling painting soon, very excited.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

painting test

Before I start doing the cinematic moment painting, I wan to do some painting test. I want my background to have a watercolor painting-feel. Since I'm doing everything on photoshop, I'm trying to make it as far away from digital-look as possible. I focus on the technique than make pretty layout, so I wasn't thinking about the composition when I did these(I should)